Ideal for use during:

  • Recuperation
  • Pre/Post Whelping
  • Periods of Increased Metabolic Demands


Complimentary dietetic liquid feedingstuff for dogs rich in easily digestible, hydrolysed protein and vitamins for nutritional restoration and convalescence. Ideal for dogs during recuperation, post whelping or during periods of increased metabolic demands. Available in 250ml and 500ml.


Hydrolysed Fish Protein, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum.

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 33.25%, Crude Oil 2.8%, Crude Fibre 0.38%, Ash 1.09%, Energy 11.86 MJ/kg.

Feeding Guide

Add to feed once a day.

BodyweightRecommended Amount
Up to 5kg4.5ml (3 pumps)
5-10kg9ml (6 pumps)
10-20kg18ml (12 pumps)
Over 20kg30ml (20 pumps)

For best results give daily for 2-4 weeks or until restoration is achieved. The recommended amount of Recoup-R-8 can increased according to individual needs as recommended by your vet or nutritionist.


VitaminsPer Litre
Vitamin E5424mg
Vitamin B11022mg
Vitamin B21082mg
Vitamin B6511mg
Vitamin B122.2mg

Zootechnical Additives

Preservatives, Flavour.


For animal use only. Store in a cool place below 25oC away from direct sunshine. Keep out of reach of children. Shake well before use. Do not freeze. Refrigerate once opened.


"We have found this product extremely beneficial in the treatment of older and convalescing dogs. It has also proven very successful in the treatment plan for dogs suffering from GIT inflammations. It is very palatable and easily digested and I would recommend this product to form part of a comprehensive treatment plan for these conditions." - Des Groome MVB, Kildare Vet, Green Road, Kildare.