About Foran Healthcare

Established in 1974, Foran Healthcare has grown to become a market leader in the field of specialised animal nutrition and health care worldwide. There are four separate divisions of Foran – Foran Pet Care, Foran Animal Health, Foran Equine and Foran Healthcare. Foran is a 100% Irish owned family business and is part of William Connolly & Sons.

Foran Pet Care – recommended by professionals. Trusted by pet owners

Foran Pet Care is a leader in small animal nutraceuticals, wormers, skincare and oral health products.

Foran Pet Care boasts a comprehensive, well-established range of products. These include superior quality nutritional supplements specifically designed to optimise health and wellness, dental products to support good oral health, skin care products which are kind to the skin and an easy to use liquid wormer.

Foran Pet Care products have been developed and formulated by an experienced multi-disciplinary team which include veterinary surgeons, chemist and nutritionists.

Foran Pet Care is continually striving to develop new products and formulations drawing on the vast veterinary and pharmaceutical experience of the company. All Foran Pet Care products are exclusively available through veterinary surgeons and pharmacies.

Specialised Manufacturing

The company’s Dublin based facilities are approved for manufacturing human, veterinary, equine and pet care products and follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The company manufactures over 95% of the entire product portfolio, which gives tight control over the quality, safety and technical formulation standards of products. The Foran Pet Care brand is synonymous with product integrity, superior quality and trust.

Commitment to Quality

Only the highest quality ingredients are used in the manufacture of our pet care products, Superior quality bio-available minerals and pharmaceutical-grade raw ingredients are used to make our range of nutraceuticals.

Technical Support

Foran Pet Care can provide in-depth technical support and guidance to all customers, to support them in their choice of product and offer guidance on all aspects of pet nutrition and health. This can be provided by our small animal veterinary team.