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  • Convalescent Feeding

    Convalescent Feeding

    Convalescent feeding is used to help an animal to recover from illness, by providing a good plane of nutrition, to allow as quick and complete a return to normal health as possible.

  • Dental Health in Dogs

    Dental Health in Dogs

    Gum disease is an extremely common condition in adult dogs, although many owners may be unaware that their pet is affected. Not only does it cause bad breath, it also can lead to tooth loss, as well as having an effect on other organs in the body.

  • Worming of Puppies and Bitches

    Worming of Puppies and Bitches

    Due to the transmission of roundworms to puppies while they are in the uterus and also via their mother's milk, it is recommended to follow specific deworming treatment regimes for bitches and pups in order to protect their health. Such recommendations are also of importance in protecting human health.

  • Joint Supplement Choice

    Joint Supplement Choice

    Joint problems are amoung the most common complaints for older dogs, but chosing a supplement to maintain joint health can be a real benefit.