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Veterinary Team

Sallyann FreyneSallyann Freyne - Sales Manager at Foran Pet Care

Sales Manager

Sallyann joined Foran Healthcare back in 1996. She is a qualified Pharmacy Technician and has a Diploma in Management Studies.

She has a strong background in pharmacy and small animal veterinary having grown up around it. Before joining Foran Heathcare she was a buyer for a large veterinary wholesaler.

Sallyann loves being involved in new projects from start to finish and seeing an “idea” end up on the shelf in a pharmacy or small animal veterinary practice.

She has one dog called Blitzen, who she rescued on Christmas Eve. Over the years Blitzen has been one of the many testers of the Foran Pet Care range. Sallyann also has a keen interest in horse racing, both flat and national hunt.

Sarah CondellSarah Condell, Sales Representative at Foran Pet Care

Sales Representative

Sarah started with Foran Healthcare back in 2006 and is a Sales Representative for many of the Foran divisions. Before moving to Foran she worked in various veterinary clinics for nearly 10 years.

Sarah is passionate about animals and loves meeting like-minded people and being able to give help and advice to others regarding the care of animals. Having four dogs (a Pekingese, a Pekingese Cross and two Springer Spaniels), three horses and a cat, which have all tried and tested the Foran Pet Care range, she can speak from experience when dealing with customers.

Having been with the company ten years she has watched the Foran Pet Care range grow from conception through to delivery.

Miranda Edge BSc Dip RVNMiranda Edge, Sales Representative at Foran Pet Care

Sales Representative

Miranda joined the Foran Pet Care team in August 2015 as a Sales Representative. Previously she had worked as a veterinary nurse, having qualified with an honours degree in Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Nursing in 2016.

She loves her job as she gets to travel daily meeting amazing vets and nurses that are striving to keep pets in tip top condition. She feels that they are all working towards the same goal – to improve the quality of life for animals – and with the Foran Pet Care product range we can support the veterinary profession in reaching this goal.